Top 10 best questions candid conversations!

At the recent “Candid Conversations with NVG EBE” event, residents of St. Martin had the opportunity to voice their concerns and questions to the management team about the ongoing energy crisis. The session, marked by a diverse array of inquiries, showcased the community’s deep interest in understanding the current challenges and the steps being taken to address them. Here, we highlight the top 10 most impactful questions from the event, along with the responses from NVG EBE’s management. These exchanges provide valuable insights into the complexities of managing an essential service under duress and the efforts to communicate transparently with the public.

Top 10 Questions from the “Candid Conversations with NVG EBE” Sessio

1. Michelle Williams

  • Question: “Are you in control? Can you provide more clarity on load shedding schedules?”
  • Answer: Mr. Washington explained that NVG EBE has a plan but is dealing with inherited capacity issues. Technical breakdowns of engines have forced unplanned load shedding, and while there are plans in place, precise schedules are challenging due to fluctuating demand.

2.Greg Holder

  • Question: “How do you provide realistic compensation for destroyed food due to power outages?”
  • Answer: The management acknowledged the issue and stated that internal discussions are ongoing to lessen the burden on the population, but no specific compensation plan was promised.

3.Shadira York

  • Question: “Why do areas like Middle Region experience more frequent outages?”
  • Answer: Mr. Drivers explained that load shedding decisions are based on technical criteria, such as maintaining power in areas with critical infrastructure like water pumps and schools. He acknowledged the fairness concern but emphasized the logistical challenges.

4.Vanessa White

  • Question: “Is there a mandate to reduce power usage by large buildings and billboards?”
  • Answer: Mr. Washington stated there is no mandate, but NVG EBE has discussions with large power users to assist with capacity issues, though their combined efforts are insufficient to solve the current shortfall.

5.Kamlesh Ramchandani

  • Question: “Did NVG EBE create a reserve fund for engine replacement after their lifespan?”
  • Answer: Mr. Washington explained that while they are aware of the engines’ technical lifespan, NVG EBE has historically absorbed costs during economic downturns, limiting their ability to build a reserve fund.

6.Judy Fitzpatrick

  • Question: “What arrangements are in place for compensating for damaged equipment due to frequent outages?”
  • Answer: Mr. Drivers mentioned a claims process on the website where technicians investigate and assess claims based on concession guidelines, but specific details about compensation were not provided.

7.Kevin Super

  • Question: “Why didn’t NVG EBE start with a clean slate after the hack instead of trying to recover old data?”
  • Answer: Mr. Washington explained that the recovery process had already begun before he joined, and starting over would have been equally time-consuming. Continuing the recovery process was deemed more practical.

8.Emil Lee

  • Question: “When will NVG EBE come with a net metering policy to help residents evaluate solar options?”
  • Answer: Mr. Drivers clarified that net metering policy needs to be implemented by the government, not NVG EBE. NVG EBE has been involved in discussions and assessments for renewable energy integration.

9.David Solomon

  • Question: “Why isn’t solar energy part of your short-term and mid-term plans?”
  • Answer: Mr. Washington acknowledged that solar energy is being considered in their long-term plans. They are conducting assessments to ensure proper integration into the grid to avoid instability.

10.Cassandra Everett

  1. Question: “What is being done to address the damage to St. Martin’s reputation due to power outages, especially affecting tourism?”
  2. Answer: Mr. Washington highlighted their short-term and long-term plans to stabilize energy supply. He stressed the importance of being factual about the current situation to manage tourists’ expectations.

These questions reflect the community’s concerns and the management’s attempts to address them, highlighting the challenges and complexities NVG EBE faces.