The Ralph Cantave files

Ralph Cantave, a renowned journalist, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and advocate, has once again showcased his investigative prowess with his recent in-depth work on GEBE. Initially shared on Facebook, Ralph’s important findings deserve a platform with lasting impact. To ensure his vital work reaches a wider audience and gains the recognition it deserves, we’ve reposted and linked his insightful investigation on By doing so, we aim to amplify Ralph’s voice and contribute to the discourse on this significant issue. Join us in supporting Ralph’s efforts by exploring his work on our site.

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Unfortunately, our island St. Maarten is going through an energy crisis. At the root of the issue is instability and weak corporate governance of our utility company. From 2006 to now, there have been 14 directors/management board appointments. In 2021 when I began my investigative journalism career, I did a deep dive into the company. Unfortunately, findings and warnings raised were not dealt with to avoid this present crisis until the situation worsened. As someone who believes in studying history, when we get to the root of issues, we’re better equipped to tackle the fruit. I find it necessary for persons to perhaps refresh their memories on the timeline of the company’s woes which will prove valuable in solving the problems. I still have hope, and this is why the truth must always be told. If you’re interested, here are the links to 12 articles that I wrote from 2021-2022 on our only utility company: