The Caribbean Carnival of Corporate Chaos: When Politicians Play Puppeteer

This article is inspired by the original article by VANEPS click on this link to read it

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up to witness the greatest show in the Dutch Caribbean: the never-ending circus of politically-driven corporate mismanagement! In this thrilling spectacle, we’ll see governments juggling their responsibilities, directors walking a tightrope of job security, and shareholders performing daring feats of legal acrobatics – all in the name of political power!

Our main attraction comes straight from the islands, where the publicly-owned corporations are putting on a performance that would make even the most seasoned circus ringmaster blush. In St. Maarten, GEBE’s supervisory directors are engaged in a high-stakes legal trapeze act with their shareholder. Meanwhile, Aruba’s WEB directors have been given a golden parachute and sent flying. And let’s not forget Curaçao, where the ink has barely dried on the chaotic appointment of Central Bank supervisory directors before the RdK shareholder pulls off a spectacular disappearing act of confidence in both the director and supervisory board!

But what’s behind this three-ring circus of corporate governance? Well, dear readers, it’s the age-old tale of political greed and the irresistible urge to play puppeteer with public institutions. You see, when a new government swaggers into town, they can’t bear the thought of those “other” political puppets pulling the strings in important semi-public roles. So, what’s a power-hungry administration to do? Let me present to you the politician’s playbook for corporate control:

  1. The Waiting Game: Simply bide your time until those pesky terms of office expire. Then, voila! Replace them with your own hand-picked yes-men. Just remember, these new puppets are supposed to dance for the corporation, not for your political party. But who’s keeping score, right?
  2. The Grand Dismissal: A classic move, but watch out! Those meddling SBTNO reviewers and pesky judges might just rain on your parade if your political motivations are too obvious.
  3. The Vote of No Confidence: A clever sleight of hand recently employed at RdK. Hope your targets take the hint and resign, saving you the hassle of actual dismissal. But beware! This trick has no legal teeth, and if everyone jumps ship at once, you might find yourself captaining a ghost ship.
  4. The Bully’s Gambit: When all else fails, resort to good old-fashioned harassment. Adjourn meetings, withhold bonuses, get creative! The sky’s the limit when it comes to making life miserable for your corporate enemies.

Now, you might be wondering, “What’s the best approach?” Well, if you’re one of those rare breeds who actually cares about good governance, you could always let competent people do their jobs and focus on setting broad policy directions. But where’s the fun in that?

No, the real issue here is the unholy matrimony of politics and public corporations. The solution? Create some distance, perhaps through a holding company. But that would require politicians to loosen their grip on power, and we all know that’s about as likely as a snowball’s chance in the Caribbean.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Because as long as governments keep meddling where they shouldn’t, this carnival of chaos is guaranteed to keep on rolling.