Power outages bad for mental health?

Power outages have a negative impact on the mental health of individuals. Studies have shown that periods of power outages are significantly associated with an increase in mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression [1][2]. Specifically:

  1. Mental Health ED Visits: A study on the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the mental health of people in New York found that the number of emergency department visits for mental health issues strongly correlated with the duration and frequency of power outage periods. Significant positive associations were found between power outages and mental health issues in the Bronx and Queens [1].
  2. Dose-Response Relationship: The study also found a potential dose-response relationship between the duration of power outages and the risks for mental health issues in the Bronx [1].
  3. High Variation in Impact: The effect of power outages on mental health varied significantly between municipalities and was greatest in municipalities with a lower sociodemographic status [1].
  4. Impact on In-Facility Mortality: Another study in Ghana found a positive association between the frequency of power outages and mortality in health facilities. The risk of mortality increased by 43% for each day the power was out for more than 2 hours [3].
  5. Impact on Births: A study in Maharashtra, India, found that more frequent power outages were associated with lower utilization of health services, such as hospital births and specialized childbirth assistance. This led to an increase in home births [4].

In summary, these studies show that power outages have a negative impact on the mental health of individuals and the performance of health facilities.

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