Integrity Chamber initiates investigation into GEBE

Daily Herald 2 december 2022

The Integrity Chamber of St. Maarten has initiated an investigation into the utilities company GEBE. This decision stems from various news and reports indicating potential integrity issues within the company, which could have negative repercussions for both the company and the country. The investigation aims to assess GEBE’s adherence to integrity-related rules and procedures over the past several years.

The Integrity Chamber’s mandate includes enhancing integrity in St. Maarten by investigating suspected misconduct and providing advice to promote and maintain integrity within government entities and companies. This initiative also seeks to dispel unfounded rumors, as perceived integrity issues can harm the company’s and the nation’s reputation.

Upon concluding the investigation, the Integrity Chamber will offer recommendations to enhance integrity within GEBE. The anticipated benefits of maintaining high integrity standards include increased trust, economic growth, stability, and a positive national and international image.

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Critical Questions for GEBE Investigation

The people of Sint Maarten have a right to transparency and accountability from their utilities provider, GEBE. With the Integrity Chamber initiating an investigation into the company, it is crucial to address several critical questions to ensure that the investigation is comprehensive and leads to meaningful improvements. The community deserves to know how integrity issues within GEBE are being handled, and how the company plans to restore trust and stability. Here are some key questions that need answers:

  1. Investigation Scope: What specific integrity-related issues are being investigated within GEBE?
  2. Methodology: What methods will the Integrity Chamber use to conduct this investigation, and how will it ensure a comprehensive and unbiased review?
  3. Previous Reports: Have there been any previous reports or investigations into GEBE’s integrity, and what were their outcomes?
  4. Implementation of Recommendations: How will GEBE implement the Integrity Chamber’s recommendations, and what measures will be taken to ensure compliance?
  5. Transparency and Communication: How will the findings and recommendations of the investigation be communicated to the public to maintain transparency?
  6. Government Oversight: What role will the government play in overseeing the implementation of the Integrity Chamber’s recommendations?
  7. Preventive Measures: What preventive measures will be put in place to avoid future integrity issues within GEBE?
  8. Current Status: Has this investigation been carried out, and if so, what are its findings? If not, have the elections impacted its progress?
  9. Visibility of Findings: Why is this investigation not found on the Integrity Chamber’s website?

These questions aim to ensure that the investigation into GEBE’s integrity is thorough, transparent, and leads to meaningful improvements in the company’s operations.