GEBE exploring leasing mobile engine capacity to address electricity shortfall

Dail Herald March 8 , 2024

GEBE is evaluating the option to lease additional mobile engine capacity to mitigate the electricity shortfall in Sint Maarten, according to Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs. This move is part of a short-term solution to address load-shedding issues. Additionally, GEBE is working with the World Bank and the National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB) to develop a comprehensive investment plan, focusing on renewable energy integration and long-term infrastructure improvements. This plan will include a Least-Cost Power Development Plan (LCPDP) to guide expansion and optimize costs over the next decade.

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Critical Questions:

  1. Feasibility and Cost: How cost-effective is leasing mobile engine capacity compared to other short-term solutions?
  2. Long-term Impact: How will the investment plan and LCPDP ensure sustainable and reliable power for the future?
  3. Renewable Integration: What specific renewable energy sources are being considered, and what infrastructure upgrades are necessary for their integration?
  4. Community Involvement: How is the community being involved in the decision-making process regarding these critical infrastructure changes?
  5. Risk Management: What measures are in place to mitigate risks associated with these new implementations, particularly in terms of reliability and cost management?
  6. Current Progress: What progress has been made on these initiatives, and what is their current status?
  7. Timeline: What are the expected timelines for implementing the proposed solutions and seeing tangible improvements in electricity supply?
  8. Funding Allocation: How is the funding from the Emergency Recovery Project being allocated, and is it sufficient to cover all planned upgrades?

Finally, has this investigation been carried out by the minister, or have the elections prevented it from being completed?