Empowering Your Voice: Stand Up for Reliable Service!

Make your voice heard because you have rights and deserve improved services.

The importance of submitting a formal complaint cannot be overstated, especially with critical services like electricity. Filing a complaint is a fundamental right and crucial for holding service providers accountable. It serves several key purposes:

1. Accountability of GEBE and VROMI

Ensures service providers are held accountable for their performance and adherence to contractual and legal obligations, promoting higher standards and reliability.

2. Remediation

Prompts the service provider to take necessary corrective actions to address the issues, leading to immediate improvements and preventing future problems.

3. Documentation

Creates a documented trail of issues and responses, essential for future reference, especially if problems persist and further actions are required.

4. Consumer Rights

Reinforces the consumer’s rights to receive the services they are entitled to, empowering individuals and communities to voice their concerns and demand quality service.

5. Compensation

Often the first step in seeking compensation for damages or losses incurred due to substandard service, establishing a formal request for remedy and setting the stage for potential negotiations or legal actions.

In light of these reasons, it is crucial to formally address any grievances with service providers, ensuring that issues are brought to their attention and resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Fill out and submit the PDF form

Please fill out the attached PDF form to ensure your voice is heard and services are improved. You can email the completed form or drop it off in person.

Make yourself heard!

Send your completed letter not only to NV GEBE, but also to the Ombudsman and the Netherlands Representation to ensure your complaint receives proper attention.

Bureau Ombudsman
E. Camille Richardson Street #13
Great Bay Sint Maarten


Vertegenwoordiging van Nederland in Philipsburg, Sint Maarten (VNP)
Frontstreet 26, Philipsburg, Sint Maarten
Postbus 502