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What and why GEBE GONE?


“GEBE GONE” is a local saying on Sint Maarten, commonly used when there is a power outage. Unfortunately, power outages have become a frequent issue on our island due to significant problems faced by GEBE, the local utility company. These outages have serious consequences for the entire island, impacting daily life and the economy.


Why is this a problem?

A healthy economy relies on essential services such as infrastructure, healthcare, utilities, and transportation. When these basic needs are not met, the economy can suffer greatly. Frequent power outages disrupt businesses, healthcare services, and the daily lives of residents. It is crucial for the prosperity and well-being of Sint Maarten that these issues are addressed.

Our mission

The goal of this website is not to criticize GEBE but to help find solutions. Many dedicated people work tirelessly at GEBE to keep the power running with very limited resources. These hardworking individuals deserve immense respect, as without their efforts, Sint Maarten would face even more severe power issues. However, there is a need for better management and governance to ensure reliable electricity for everyone.

Transparency and advocacy

On this website, we aim to provide transparency about the current situation with GEBE and give a voice to the people of Sint Maarten. There is a wealth of information online detailing the historical challenges that have led to GEBE’s current state. We are not affiliated with any political party, and our contributors wish to remain anonymous. This site is purely a non-commercial platform created to promote transparency and advocate for the residents of Sint Maarten.

How You can help

We invite you to explore the information provided on this site, share your experiences, and contribute to the discussion on how we can improve the power situation on Sint Maarten. You can help by reporting your power outages and filling out our assessment form. Sharing this website with others also helps, as more data leads to more accurate and valid reports. The more data we collect, the higher the validity of our findings, enabling us to push for effective changes.

Thank you for visiting GEBE GONE. Your support and participation are crucial in making a positive difference.

Our take on good governance

Good governance is essential for the effective functioning of any organization, especially one as critical as GEBE, the local utility company on Sint Maarten. Good governance ensures that decisions are made transparently, with integrity, and through strategic business management. These principles are vital for restoring and maintaining public trust and delivering reliable services.

Transparency involves open communication and the sharing of information with the public. It is crucial that the management of GEBE keeps the residents informed about the challenges they face and the steps being taken to address them. This openness helps build trust and allows the community to feel engaged and informed.

Integrity means that decisions and actions are made with honesty and strong moral principles. It requires a commitment to ethical behavior, ensuring that all actions taken are in the best interest of the community. For GEBE, this means prioritizing the needs of the island’s residents and businesses and working diligently to provide consistent and reliable services.

Strategic business management involves setting clear goals, developing effective plans, and efficiently utilizing resources. It requires foresight, planning, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. For GEBE, good strategic management is critical to overcoming current challenges and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Recently, the management team of GEBE participated in a training program focused on these key aspects of good governance. It is now imperative that they implement the lessons learned from this training to improve the company’s operations and service delivery. By embracing transparency, integrity, and strategic business management, GEBE can make significant strides towards resolving the power outage issues and enhancing the quality of life on Sint Maarten.

The residents of Sint Maarten deserve a utility company that operates with the highest standards of governance. We urge the leadership of GEBE to recognize the importance of these principles and to act upon them decisively. Only through a commitment to good governance can GEBE hope to regain the trust and confidence of the community it serves.

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